Saturday, January 25, 2014

My Perception In 2013

             My Perception In 2013
 After finishing  4th  semester exam I was planning to visit Odisha to meet my parents. After few days went there and spent seven days with my parents. Came back & started preparing for my GCPP graduate course. One of my friend helped me financially to join GCPP course. In order to write the final exam students as to attend two work shops, one was held in foot of the Nandi hill and another one in Bangalore. Most of the students came to attend the workshop. It was too interesting and made me to understand about the public policy.

Before the exam my friend made me to go for the social auditing and to gain knowledge to attend the GCPP final exam. He also suggested me to attend the International Public Policy conference held in IIM Bangalore, which was for three days. As per his suggestion I attend the conference and mate many professors those who came from different University across the global. On the three day of conference we got certificate from IIM Bangalore, finally we had group photo, but unfortunately failed to collect the photo. It would be great help if any one who had attend the conference with me please share the photo. Wrote GCPP exam after three month, now waiting for my certificate.

After that it was time to pursue fifth semester BA.  I was too happy to join final year to finish my degree. By the time got fourth sem result in which I got first division. After three month I had to face final exam of fifth semester BA and now waiting for result. After exam I went Odisha for one week to meet my parents. Came back from Odisha & started going to collage for computer course.
From January 16th regular collage started. First day few students came day by day all started coming to collage. Always I am trying to know something new in class room because of that I am trying to ask new question everyday to my teacher. Also teachers are very happy to give answer of my question. But few students in collage are very angry on me because I am always asking question to teacher.

My political teacher has strong faith on me that I will become something in my life. On 4th semester I have scored little less marks in economics, so some students are very happy that I got less mark. One day a student stood up and said sir I got more marks in economics.   After hearing from him he asked me about my result, when he came to know my result he said me to not worry about marks. He said me Manoj I am not regret about your marks because I know you have tried your best.

Thanks to my both friends who helped me and tried so much to give me quality of education. But it is not end of my education, I have to go for higher education.