Tuesday, August 25, 2015


I do not know whether you will believe or not on what I am going to write, but it is a true story.  This story was there in mind from my childhood days but today i thought that I should share with all of you. I do not know how many people believe on astrology but in my case, i was forced to believe on it more precisely when i was on 10th standard. Do you believe on what teacher’s say, for instant, if you become naughty then you will definitely fail in examination? I was forced to believe when i was on 7th standard.  Please read further......

I was in 4th standard in village primary school; i had gone for fishing along with my other friends during class time. But as it became too late to return teacher went around searching for us and he found us fishing. So he brought all of us to the class room and called all our parents and complained against us. But instead of scolding us, our parents scolded the teachers saying that they were irresponsible. So the teacher became too angry. Next day when we came to school teacher asked us to spell the CHALK. Nobody was able to spell it, even i did not know it. But when teacher asked me, the correct spelling came from my mouth. I do not know how it came. Teacher thanked me and said in this village you will alone pass in 10th standard and all other will fail.

In 1999 i completed my primary school and went to start minor school. During that time due to great cyclone in Odisha most of the schools and colleges were washed out, but fortunately where i had joined that school was saved. I finished standard 6th in 2000s and admitted for 7th standard. On our way to school we had to cross the river. During that time there was no good road facility and i did not have cycle also. One day it was raining heavily, Father was in Kolkata and sister had gone to aunt’s house, me and my mother were at home.  Nobody went to school that day because of the heavy rain but my mother compelled me to go to the school. So despite of the rain i went to school and reached school at 11:30. When my teacher saw me and he didn’t scold but rather gave me his towel to dry my hair and told me that in 10th standard I would only pass among all in the village. I did not take it seriously.

I finished my 7th standard and went for high school education. I am not saying that i was a brilliant student but i think teacher’s grace was there always with me. When we reach the 10th standard, one day we all students went to a astrologer to show our palm and to know whether we will pass in 10th standard. So the astrologer checked everyone’s hand and said all of you will pass. So we all became happy and came back to our homes. On the same day evening that astrologer came to my house and told my mother that he had checked every one of my friend’s hands and had promised that your son will only pass in the village. I feel like crying when i remember about this matter. And the same astrologer had told me ‘in your life you will get two precious things which will make you life in better condition’. But still i did not take it seriously.

After writing the 10th standard exam we all came back to the village and i started teaching the primary class students. And till now i cannot forget my exam date, because on the first exam day our Bollywood star Amresh Pori passed away which made us to remember the exam day forever. So after few days my result came and whole village was surprised. Out of 15 students from my village i was only passed. But other student started blaming me saying that teacher provided copy to me so i passed the exam. But my mother refused me to quarrel with others. After that our family tragedy life started for which i was not able to continue my education. So i came to Bangalore in 2005 to earn money. From 2005 to 2009 i was moving from one company to another company to work for higher salary. But whatever i was earning was nothing to pay our loan. But in 2009 i got two precious things and that astrologer and teachers proved their words were to be correct. That two precious things which the astrologer mentioned was nothing but my two friends(Balaji and Mahek). Those who pulled me out from the hell and made me graduate and now i am pursuing my master degree. I have never seen the god but i have realised the god in my two friends who have appeared in our critical situation to help us. When all our relatives went way from us, they came to our rescue.

“So sometimes some things make us unforgettable in our life”. I was thinking to share all this moment from long time but today i did it so. Thank god for giving me two precious persons in my life. They have remained a perennial support in my life. Happiness is a inside job” But happiness which i was looking for in the University was perhaps not the cup of my tea. When i entered University i had met with a good friend and we both were very happy. But one day she left me alone to be with other which i cannot forget till my death. It hurts me so much. But i must learn to let go in life all the hurt feeling.