Friday, November 30, 2012

After Examination
My 3rd sem exam got over on 26 december. College will be resume from  january 2013.On last day of exam i went to Lalbagh garden with my college friends and after that we all went for lunch and back to home. Thinking what to do now ?

 I can not go to my home because Sanjay (Office director) is not yet back from USA. So I thought to go Tirupati for taking one day leave from office. Anyway exam paper was batter then last sem exam.I hope my marks will increase then last year marks.

I am always worry about my career. How much money I am earning its not enough to maintain my self and my family. I have very good friends those are  supporting for my studying.In office also I am friendly to all employ. I don’t know , will I able to complete my degree peacefully or I have to struggle a lot ? 

 Since the college starts one student used to raged me, when he slaped me and told me that if you will say any teacher I will   not let you to come college. I went and informed to teachers. On same  day  only teacher came and explain to that student and warned him to not raged with me. 

Thanks god now I got relax from that boy. Now waiting for exam result