Friday, December 14, 2012

According to Aristotal man is a political animal /social animal  because he lives in society with some restriction .Those who lives without society they may either god or demon.

There was a time when people used to share their problem with others and one was trying to understand other problem. But that time is no more existing. During British rule Gopabandhu dash(freedom fighter in Orissa) who was from a poor family left his eight years son on bed who was suffering from fever and left to save the thousand of sons from famines. He used to distribute the rice among poor family.  Gopabandhu Dash known as Utkalamani was a social worker, reformer, political activist, journalist, poet and essayist. 

But now our society is completely changed. Nobody cares about others. Crime is increasing day by day, every where corruption. As specially our ministers have passed BA on Corruption. Before election will be telling I will do this and that. I will get good infrastructure facility to our society. But after election  they just forget what they told to people and becomes busy with to build their own infrastructure and loot the govt as much as possible.
Govt announced that those who crossed age of sixty they should get old age pension but there are some people who already crossed eight years but they are not able to get pension and there are some people those who are only fifty years they are getting pension, this is our society. Ministers are coming to distribute the pension but before giving pension asking  to whom will you give vote.If you says you then it is your good luck otherwise wait two more days for pencion. 

After cyclone in 1999 in Orissa govt  distribute money to rebuild the broken house. Gents per head 3000 and ladies per head 1500. Some politicians started giving their  wife, daughter, and daughter’s daughter ,son, brothers, brothers’s son, son’s son. On other side daughter’s husband and completely others name from her family. I mean I want to say that while people was getting two times there were some people those who did not get single rupee.
In our society if you have more money you are success in all field otherwise you go to hell.

But one thing I have learnt from my friends that he used to say me Badal that we can not change the hole society at least we should try to change ourself. Then society will automatic get change. I am following them and waiting hole society to change.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

After Examination
My 3rd sem exam got over on 26 november. College will be resume from  january 2013.On last day of exam i went to Lalbagh garden with my college friends and after that we all went for lunch and back to home. Thinking what to do now ?

 I can not go to my home because Sanjay (Office director) is not yet back from USA. So I thought to go Tirupati for taking one day leave from office. Anyway exam paper was batter then last sem exam.I hope my marks will increase then last year marks.

I am always worry about my career. How much money I am earning its not enough to maintain my self and my family. I have very good friends those are  supporting for my studying.In office also I am friendly to all employ. I don’t know , will I able to complete my degree peacefully or I have to struggle a lot ?

 Since the college starts one student used to raged me, when he slaped me and told me that if you will say any teacher I will   not let you to come college. I went and informed to teachers. On same  day  only teacher came and explain to that student and warned him to not raged with me. 

Thanks god now I got relax from that boy. Now waiting for exam result