Monday, January 9, 2012

My conversation with principal

My First conversation with Principal god.I was too scared when I went to meet with Principal.Because today after second period I went out side for food.But it became late to class.Hindi madam came to take class but when she did not see me in class room she left after 15 minits.Principal asked her why she is not takeing class.

She told him in class room My bag is there but from last 15 minits she waited for me but I did not back.He asked her about me ,whether I am regular student or not ,whether I passed exam or not.Hindi teacher told him details about me.So principal send her again for me to take class and told her he want to meet with me..I came to class after 30 minits.She took class for next 20 minits.

I went to meet with principal.He asked me where did I go but told him lie
that I went to rest room because I was too scared.He told me why I did not inform to teacher.After that he asked about me.I told everything about me how I came to study further and how I solved my family problem.i told details about my friends also.
He asked me where am I working and how much salary I am getting.I told him details.How much I am sending to home and how much I am keeping with me.
He told me you are a good boy but you should always good from your heart always.He told me I dont want to see your single absent again. And he told me I should not cheat any one in my life then I can reach my Gol.He told me I should be try to become like my friends.He called me near to his table and hug me and shake hand with me.And told me best of luck,Oh........realy I felt so prould .I am so sorry because I cheated to a person in my life.i will ask for excuse when time will come.For now I can not say any thing to him.