Wednesday, November 30, 2011


There is a saying ;-
                         you wont get every thing ,what ever you want.But some time you may get some thing which you can not imagine.

I thought ,i can not study further after my SSLC, i can not go to collage, i can not friend with collage student.
But god is with me,i got oppertunity  to study PUC and i got success.Now i am doing my BA from VIJAYA Evening collage in Bangalore.God listened my prayer and gave with me.i am not  briliant in studying but not that much bad also.i will do my best.Now i am haveing girl as well as boy friend from collage.After entering collage i dont know how time is getting over soon.i am happy with my some friend.I am having problem with language.I have to develop my language.All the teacher are very good in collage.Every thing became possible for my both friend,those who came in my life as a god.