Friday, September 2, 2011

about poor people's life

In this world 3%  richest people thinks about others.And another rest thinks about their family,children and how they will get more money.They dont want to think about crore of poor people in country, those who working hard in life but not able to fulfil their satisfaction.They can not educate their children. For this problem
children follows their perents like to work from child hood and they can not know what is the meaning of study.For this reason a poor family being contune to poor and reachest family being contune to more rich.
                                          Govt is doing lot of thinks to develope poor family,but on the way to poor family
middle person people are eating that.In society if a poor man doing work became educated also they can not get
job because they dont have money to fed their scineor to get job.Because all the job govt job for high standared people wheather their childre get just pass or fell.Then how a poor society develop, how their childre can go to college.Govt can not solve all this problem.
                                                In society richest people thinks about their children only,but with their children if they can think crore of other poor childre some thing can change, those who want to study but they can not.Its depending on them.
          There are lot of people those who are sleeping in plat form and eating food taking from dust been.
i can feel their problem, how they spending their life .while a richest people sleeping on soppha and eating mutton beriany in five star hotel,that time a people who sleeping in platform eatng dry bread.They does not have tomorrow in their life.because tommorrow comes with new dreams for richest people only.In town a person can thinks about their dog but they dont have time to think about poor people.
                                              i saw a person in railway station who is 70 years old pulling ricksa. i asked him why rae u doing this kind of work in the night, he told me in poor people's life day and night all are same.
when on day i am not getting any money i am working in night also.i asked when are u sleeping? he answered  me without food can u sleep.i understood their problem, but i was helples.
               i am praying to god pls give strength and power that i can help to poor and clear their problem.

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