Sunday, August 28, 2011

about ramakrishna ashram

Today i went to Ramakrishna ashram with my collage friend. i think that is a place which can bring all the happyness to man's life. many swamyji and great speacker came and gave suggestion to develope our feature. i love that place.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

about my friends

My friends are my feature,i learn lot of things from them. How i have to develope in feature they tought me.
i will try till my death to become something. i am not getting enough time to syudy, but still i will try to get
good mark. i dont like to do like office boy work.but now i am helpless. i have to any kind of work to
develope my feature.
                                 My both friends, they gave me enough knowledge that now i can try to do some-
thing from college also i am not that much good in economics and poltical science.i hope i will do better.i have to be out from poor family.i have to be a good boy
                                                                                  good friend
                                                                                 good students
                                                                               & good  etc.

Friday, August 19, 2011

about my friend and me

Hey i do not know what ever i am thinking its right or wrong. i am thinking why i can not study good compare to other.My collage friend ,her name is Saranya is telling me that try to get more mark that you can write IPS exam.We both are writting all the notes and checking from teacher.Students are in class telling me that, is she your girl friend ? i am not able to give answer of their question.i want to study and get more mark in exam,i donot think about her yet.but she is calling me brother.i am a person from a poor family thats y i want to prepare for my feature.Also i have to return lot of money to my friend. Today we are going to born the candle in collage my supporting Anna Hajare.jay hind.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

about me

hey do u know day after tomorrow i have essay writting compitition.i am going to write that i don't know what will happened.but i will try to do best.i am wishing indepenndence day to everybody.hey can u tell me why i am always sad.i think in my life there are no happyest day that i will be happy.i am trying to study good in collage .my all teacher support me .just i am praying to god ,hey god make me breanny person that once if i will study something i can remember for ever.