Saturday, December 31, 2011

My life in 2011

Good bye 2011!

welcome 2012!.I hope 2012 will also come with good experiences and will bring many success in my life. Actually 2011 was not bad year for me because I got success in many place. First I got success getting first division in PUC from Mandari college in Orissa.Second I was trying to study further after PUC and I got success in that also.In 2011 I met with many good teachers.And I came return to Bangalore for my further study.

I applied in many college but I forget to bring my migration certificate. For that I went to my native twice in a month. That time I supposed to utlize time carefully but I spend some time there for festival. It became little late to come back Bangalore. For that reason I got scolding from my friend but that scolding was helpful for me and taught me a lesson to not waste our usefull time. Anyway always there will be a teaching full lesson behind their scolding.

I applied in Vijaya Evening college because I have to go for work during on daytime.I applied for BSC.When I met with principal he asked some question from mathematics in front of my friend.Thank god I gave answer to that.I got less mark in maths paper in PUC. He saw my mark sheet and told me you have to do well in maths. But after that I got news that I can not study BSC because being a arts student. For that reason I converted it to BA.

I met with all teachers in class room. They were teaching in Kannada only .I told him that I am out of state I can not understand kannada. After that that also tried to teach in english. I got some good friends female as well as male. They all are good. But some stupid friends are there those who are always getting jealous with me. Whatever I don’t care about them because I have to finish my degree there. In test exam I scored very less mark for that reason Hindi madam scold me so much in front of all the teacher. After final exam I realized that she did not scold me she sawed me a path to get more mark in exam how my friends showing me path in every situation.
I got third in class but I am not happy because I got less mark in Economics. I have to develop in Economics. Like this 2011 came to end in my life. I hope 2012 will bring good knowledge with good experience in my life.I am going to ShravanaBelagola to travel for new year special.
Welcome 2012.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


I visited a book fair on eleventh november.It begained on friday at the Bangalore palace ground(Gayatri vihar entrance).Books on medicine,engineering,indology,architecture,ayured,astrology and various other subjects was displayed catering to the interest of all-from six year old to sixty year old.Festival was continued on till november 15.

As many as 94 stall was set up exclusively for kannada books.'with the assistance from kannada pustak pradhikar,the bangalore book sellers and publisher association were able to increase the number of kannada stalls.
The allocation of stalls was done by raffle,instilling autonumous and fair methods of participate of all organisation.A discount of ten percent will be offered on the books at the fair for which Deccan Herald is the media partner.More than 3.5 lakh people visited to book fair.To offer equal adventages to all the stalls the entry and exit patterns was reversed on altern days.
I went with my friend and we spent their more than three hours .
I bought different kind of books based on political science,economics and some novels.It was too good and I enjoyed nicely.

Friday, December 2, 2011



Hey I went Chennai to attained a meeting with my friend,its called TAKSHASHILA SHALA ORGANISATION. This meeting is conducting every year in different parts of country .I like to travel and talk with people . So my friend took me with him to attained that meeting. There were lot of people from different place from all over the india. Nitin pai is the founder of TAKSHASHILA SHALA .He is one of a new wave of pragmatic indian policy thinker.

The TAKSHASHILA SHALA has an innovative, informal format that blends scheduled presentations with spontaneous,even extempore talks from participants. Shala create a shared understanding of india's national interests that can serve as the intellectual base for public policy.

I attained meeting about education,financial,primary education,nuclear,autorikshaw economics etc.Its very intersting. There were many speakers,those who were putting their opinion in from of everyone about above topic. It start at 9 o clock and got over at 8 o clock. There were three rooms called green,red,blue ,where all the meeting conducted. I hope I will attain that meeting again.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


There is a saying ;-
                         you wont get every thing ,what ever you want.But some time you may get some thing which you can not imagine.

I thought ,i can not study further after my SSLC, i can not go to collage, i can not friend with collage student.
But god is with me,i got oppertunity  to study PUC and i got success.Now i am doing my BA from VIJAYA Evening collage in Bangalore.God listened my prayer and gave with me.i am not  briliant in studying but not that much bad also.i will do my best.Now i am haveing girl as well as boy friend from collage.After entering collage i dont know how time is getting over soon.i am happy with my some friend.I am having problem with language.I have to develop my language.All the teacher are very good in collage.Every thing became possible for my both friend,those who came in my life as a god.

Friday, September 2, 2011

about poor people's life

In this world 3%  richest people thinks about others.And another rest thinks about their family,children and how they will get more money.They dont want to think about crore of poor people in country, those who working hard in life but not able to fulfil their satisfaction.They can not educate their children. For this problem
children follows their perents like to work from child hood and they can not know what is the meaning of study.For this reason a poor family being contune to poor and reachest family being contune to more rich.
                                          Govt is doing lot of thinks to develope poor family,but on the way to poor family
middle person people are eating that.In society if a poor man doing work became educated also they can not get
job because they dont have money to fed their scineor to get job.Because all the job govt job for high standared people wheather their childre get just pass or fell.Then how a poor society develop, how their childre can go to college.Govt can not solve all this problem.
                                                In society richest people thinks about their children only,but with their children if they can think crore of other poor childre some thing can change, those who want to study but they can not.Its depending on them.
          There are lot of people those who are sleeping in plat form and eating food taking from dust been.
i can feel their problem, how they spending their life .while a richest people sleeping on soppha and eating mutton beriany in five star hotel,that time a people who sleeping in platform eatng dry bread.They does not have tomorrow in their life.because tommorrow comes with new dreams for richest people only.In town a person can thinks about their dog but they dont have time to think about poor people.
                                              i saw a person in railway station who is 70 years old pulling ricksa. i asked him why rae u doing this kind of work in the night, he told me in poor people's life day and night all are same.
when on day i am not getting any money i am working in night also.i asked when are u sleeping? he answered  me without food can u sleep.i understood their problem, but i was helples.
               i am praying to god pls give strength and power that i can help to poor and clear their problem.

about other's life

In this world


Sunday, August 28, 2011

about ramakrishna ashram

Today i went to Ramakrishna ashram with my collage friend. i think that is a place which can bring all the happyness to man's life. many swamyji and great speacker came and gave suggestion to develope our feature. i love that place.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

about my friends

My friends are my feature,i learn lot of things from them. How i have to develope in feature they tought me.
i will try till my death to become something. i am not getting enough time to syudy, but still i will try to get
good mark. i dont like to do like office boy work.but now i am helpless. i have to any kind of work to
develope my feature.
                                 My both friends, they gave me enough knowledge that now i can try to do some-
thing from college also i am not that much good in economics and poltical science.i hope i will do better.i have to be out from poor family.i have to be a good boy
                                                                                  good friend
                                                                                 good students
                                                                               & good  etc.

Friday, August 19, 2011

about my friend and me

Hey i do not know what ever i am thinking its right or wrong. i am thinking why i can not study good compare to other.My collage friend ,her name is Saranya is telling me that try to get more mark that you can write IPS exam.We both are writting all the notes and checking from teacher.Students are in class telling me that, is she your girl friend ? i am not able to give answer of their question.i want to study and get more mark in exam,i donot think about her yet.but she is calling me brother.i am a person from a poor family thats y i want to prepare for my feature.Also i have to return lot of money to my friend. Today we are going to born the candle in collage my supporting Anna Hajare.jay hind.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

about me

hey do u know day after tomorrow i have essay writting compitition.i am going to write that i don't know what will happened.but i will try to do best.i am wishing indepenndence day to everybody.hey can u tell me why i am always sad.i think in my life there are no happyest day that i will be happy.i am trying to study good in collage .my all teacher support me .just i am praying to god ,hey god make me breanny person that once if i will study something i can remember for ever.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

about my life

i am a boy who is facing lot of problem for his studying. i am not getting a single day when i can get tention free. Always tention ,some time office tention or some time home tention. i don't know what will happen in my feature. i am trying my best to become something. My both friends are giving me solutation for my feature.Also i got a good friend(girl) in collage,she is very good in english. she always calling me and telling don't take tention keep your mind in studying. Really i am forgetting my all problem while i am talking to her. i want relax to study well. But i am a bed luck person. pls god give me more knowledge that once if i will study something i can remember that easily. I am helpless because i am from poor family.
                                                                        i am doing my B.A now from vijaya collage. i am not good in economics. My friends are telling me to try myself. some time i am thinking myself  why God gave me birth here, where there are no peace in life.  My friends want me to be something for that they have spent more money . i also want to study ,for that i want love from everybody.                                              


Saturday, January 8, 2011

about my studying

i want to become good boy,because i need everybody love,good friends and brilliant  teachers .my maths teacher & my all friends are telling Badal is good student as well as good boy.but i don't believe to me that i am completely good.But i will try to  become good student,good boy & good friend.