Friday, December 2, 2011



Hey I went Chennai to attained a meeting with my friend,its called TAKSHASHILA SHALA ORGANISATION. This meeting is conducting every year in different parts of country .I like to travel and talk with people . So my friend took me with him to attained that meeting. There were lot of people from different place from all over the india. Nitin pai is the founder of TAKSHASHILA SHALA .He is one of a new wave of pragmatic indian policy thinker.

The TAKSHASHILA SHALA has an innovative, informal format that blends scheduled presentations with spontaneous,even extempore talks from participants. Shala create a shared understanding of india's national interests that can serve as the intellectual base for public policy.

I attained meeting about education,financial,primary education,nuclear,autorikshaw economics etc.Its very intersting. There were many speakers,those who were putting their opinion in from of everyone about above topic. It start at 9 o clock and got over at 8 o clock. There were three rooms called green,red,blue ,where all the meeting conducted. I hope I will attain that meeting again.

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  1. the think tank is called Takshashila Institution. such a meeting is called "Takshashila Shala".

    change attained to attend, attended etc.

    attain - to get or to reach, "paanaa" in hindi.

    attend - participate.

    you can say the meeting started at 9 AM and ended at 8 PM.