Saturday, December 31, 2011

My life in 2011

Good bye 2011!

welcome 2012!.I hope 2012 will also come with good experiences and will bring many success in my life. Actually 2011 was not bad year for me because I got success in many place. First I got success getting first division in PUC from Mandari college in Orissa.Second I was trying to study further after PUC and I got success in that also.In 2011 I met with many good teachers.And I came return to Bangalore for my further study.

I applied in many college but I forget to bring my migration certificate. For that I went to my native twice in a month. That time I supposed to utlize time carefully but I spend some time there for festival. It became little late to come back Bangalore. For that reason I got scolding from my friend but that scolding was helpful for me and taught me a lesson to not waste our usefull time. Anyway always there will be a teaching full lesson behind their scolding.

I applied in Vijaya Evening college because I have to go for work during on daytime.I applied for BSC.When I met with principal he asked some question from mathematics in front of my friend.Thank god I gave answer to that.I got less mark in maths paper in PUC. He saw my mark sheet and told me you have to do well in maths. But after that I got news that I can not study BSC because being a arts student. For that reason I converted it to BA.

I met with all teachers in class room. They were teaching in Kannada only .I told him that I am out of state I can not understand kannada. After that that also tried to teach in english. I got some good friends female as well as male. They all are good. But some stupid friends are there those who are always getting jealous with me. Whatever I don’t care about them because I have to finish my degree there. In test exam I scored very less mark for that reason Hindi madam scold me so much in front of all the teacher. After final exam I realized that she did not scold me she sawed me a path to get more mark in exam how my friends showing me path in every situation.
I got third in class but I am not happy because I got less mark in Economics. I have to develop in Economics. Like this 2011 came to end in my life. I hope 2012 will bring good knowledge with good experience in my life.I am going to ShravanaBelagola to travel for new year special.
Welcome 2012.


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