Saturday, August 27, 2011

about my friends

My friends are my feature,i learn lot of things from them. How i have to develope in feature they tought me.
i will try till my death to become something. i am not getting enough time to syudy, but still i will try to get
good mark. i dont like to do like office boy work.but now i am helpless. i have to any kind of work to
develope my feature.
                                 My both friends, they gave me enough knowledge that now i can try to do some-
thing from college also i am not that much good in economics and poltical science.i hope i will do better.i have to be out from poor family.i have to be a good boy
                                                                                  good friend
                                                                                 good students
                                                                               & good  etc.

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