Sunday, July 31, 2011

about my life

i am a boy who is facing lot of problem for his studying. i am not getting a single day when i can get tention free. Always tention ,some time office tention or some time home tention. i don't know what will happen in my feature. i am trying my best to become something. My both friends are giving me solutation for my feature.Also i got a good friend(girl) in collage,she is very good in english. she always calling me and telling don't take tention keep your mind in studying. Really i am forgetting my all problem while i am talking to her. i want relax to study well. But i am a bed luck person. pls god give me more knowledge that once if i will study something i can remember that easily. I am helpless because i am from poor family.
                                                                        i am doing my B.A now from vijaya collage. i am not good in economics. My friends are telling me to try myself. some time i am thinking myself  why God gave me birth here, where there are no peace in life.  My friends want me to be something for that they have spent more money . i also want to study ,for that i want love from everybody.                                              


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